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A sense of responsibility.

In today's society it is no longer acceptable to navigate at sight. Commitment to what it is correct and sustainable corresponds to a strong sense of responsibility towards the world around us. For this reason, SINT Group pays particular attention to internal and external dynamics of the Group, from the human element to strict safety rules, from energy and environmental sustainability to certificates in order to guarantee continuous investment for the customer in the search of innovative solutions.

Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability is one of our core values involving every aspect of the production process. Sint Group uses new technologies which limit wastage of resources and adopts every innovation which leads to simpler maintenance and reduction in consumption and use of raw materials.

Research and development

Particular attention is given to research, considered to be a fundamental part of the offer, and to technological and organizational innovation to the advantage of customers and the society at large.

Attention to the human element

SINT Group respects all external and staff members to whom it guarantees dignified working conditions, professional training and development as well as employment of disadvantaged resources. The Group participates in charity and social responsibility projects.


Safety and risk prevention management in the workplace and on site are priority objectives, pursued by careful supplier selection and certification, adequate training on these matters and rigid controls according to international standards. (O.I.M.S. - SCC, etc.)


Certifications sought and obtained testify the Group’s commitment to customer satisfaction: ISO 9001-2008 - Quality management, UNI EN ISO 14001-2004 - Environmental management system.