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The applied method

Solution multiplier, SINT Group approaches each project according to a consolidated method, based on flexibility and coordination of the various implementation phases. From analysis of the creative concept, through the production phase to post-sales assistance, every customer is assigned an Account Manager, a commercial figure who proposes the most appropriate solutions. A dedicated Project Manager follows project implementation step by step, supervises planning and oversees individual production phases, coordinating the Group activities. In this way, SINT Group is able to act as General Contractor for coordination and implementation of all organisational, production and installation activities, thus ensuring agreed execution times.

Control of the supply chain Sap

Thanks to its organizational structure, its methodology and information technology aids, each individual project phase, from raw material sourcing to implementation, takes place under the direct control of SINT Group.

Traceability   Sap

SINT Group provides customers with a Web portal to track project state and progress at any time.

Customer proximity

SINT Group's embedded territorial presence ensures customer proximity, both for projects with national or international implementations. The Group thus ensures coherence in project implementation phases, homogeneous quality of execution levels and a representative always available to communicate in the customer's language.

Made-to-measure project design

A characteristic of SINT Group is the ability to respond to the most diverse expectations with a modular and customised service offer. Each customer finds the most suitable solution to achieve communication objectives.

Knowhow and innovation

Thanks to the experience acquired in the field, the professionalism of personnel and the particular attention to innovation, SINT Group is always able always able to propose the best available offer in the market.